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Deluxe Treat Box

Our deluxe treat box is the box every dog wants and needs. It contains a massive 12 different treats! Each one as lip smackingly tasty as the last.

It contains-

1 x Puffed pig snout (Large)

1 x Pigs ear (Extra Large)

2 x Hairy Rabbits ears

2 x Hairless Rabbit ears

1 x Pork rind chew

3 x gourmet liver sausage 

2 x 8 inch chicken sausages 

2 x 8 inch black pudding sausages 

Pork spaghetti (30g)

Bag of Sprats (75g)

3 x Chicken feet

1 x Paddywack

1 x fish finger 

1 x fish twist